We’ve wondered what happened after Handmaid’s Tale and Testaments is here

Testaments did not disappoint.

Testaments takes place now and the feminine energy takes over.

It is time for women to take back their power. Women have followed rules and now it’s time for them to live. Women should have the opportunity to choose what they want for their future. Women should choose if they want to get married or have children. The stigma associated with women who don’t want children is unfounded. If women want to focus on their career then no one should give it a second thought. Testaments is the moment where society let’s women take the lead in their own lives and it’s time for society to allow us to do that.

If you think about how much sexual abuse is rampant in testaments and in our society today it’s easy to see the correlation between the dismantling of misogyny in Gilead and our current times.

The Handmaid’s Tale starts the process of us recognizing misogyny within our cultures and Testaments is the process of dismantling misogyny.

Testaments shows us that women have the power to dismantle misogyny. The Aunts have all this information on all the people in Gilead and once Aunt Lydia decides to use this information she can create the kind of life where women can choose what they would like to do with themselves.

Women have the power to stand up for themselves and it’s about time that we take our power and use it to make a life that we want for ourselves. Testaments came out at the perfect time to demonstrate how much power underdogs have and how to harness that power. The Handmaid’s Tale may have demonstrated a shift that was being maintained in society and Testaments breaks that pattern to create a new place for everyone to thrive.

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